Nepal-Bangladesh Youth Conclave (LEAP Forum) is a collaborative initiative of prominent personalities and institutions from Nepal and Bangladesh that aims to link the young leaders of two countries. The initiation will create a common forum to foster the regional cooperation for collaborative approaches to contemporary issues in the region.

This conclave will craft foundations to promote Nepal-Bangladesh bilateral connectivity and strengthen ties among the citizens of both the countries. The conclave will also provide connecting platform for youth leaders from diverse fields.The call for such conclave is felt more in the present days than any other time, not just between Nepal and Bangladesh but also among the other countries in South Asian region. The countries lying region is characterized by similar nature of problems. Such forums generate an opportunity to share their problems and work together to explore common solutions for them.

Nepal and Bangladesh established diplomatic relations on 08 April, 1972. In retrospect, the relationship between these two neighbors has been cordial. However, there are still a lot of arenas which can be harnessed to make the best use of this partnership. For instance, in an average only 20,000 Bangladeshi tourists visit Nepal. Apparently, the number of Nepali visiting Bangladesh is not high as well. Regardless of the two countries sharing the physical proximity, the figure cannot be considered satisfactory.

In this context, the conclave aspires to explore more avenues for people from these two countries and connect with each other by bringing together leaders representing the assorted sectors who will work to promote the bilateral relationship when they join their workplace subsequent to their partaking in this forum.


The major goal of the conclave is to foster regional dialogue through discussions, cultural exchange and sharing of innovations. To support the main goal, the forum emphasizes on a set of objectives to accomplish.

  • Review and assess the various aspects of Nepal-Bangladesh relationship till the date
  • Review and assess Nepal-Bangladesh Collaboration and its impact on South Asian region
  • Discuss and explore techniques that endorse Nepal-Bangladesh bilateral connectivity to a new elevation
  • Discourse and develop the ideas to strengthen the people to people relationship more and promote tourism of both countries
  • Identify the common problems of two countries and establish a network that will continue to work on finding integrative solutions to those issues yet after the conclusion of Conclave

Thematic Discussion:

  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) & youth
  • Trade Investment and tourism promotion
  • Entrepreneurship, Financial access of youth and cooperative
  • Gender, social inclusion and social justice
  • Youth Participation, Empowerment and policy arrangement
  • Migration and human trafficking
  • Climate change and disaster risk reduction


Nepal: 100, Bangladesh: 100 & Observer from other country: 25