Youth Development Centre (YDC) is a youth-led and youth-focused organisation dedicated to youth empowerment and participation in development process since 2009.

YDC aims to support youth as the next generation of national and community leaders providing essentials skills, ideas and information for their personal development. It is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nepal. YDC was registered in the District Administration Office in Sunsari in 2013 with nine members on its Executive Board, and 22 general members. YDC has built up partnerships with several grassroots youth groups as an essential element for the organised youth campaign. YDC leaders have excellent contacts at the grassroots level because of their earlier involvement in community and youth development initiatives.

What we do

Half of the world population is below 30 years. YDC aims to support youth by providing essentials skills, ideas and information for their personal development. We keep young people at the for-front of development and make them agent for change who became part of development process.


Youth Development Centre (YDC) envisions young people as involved, respected and contributing members of a country where respect, cooperation, freedom and peace are the prevailing culture.


Youth Development Centre exists to:

  • support youth involvement in all types of development initiatives in their communities, as well as on a personal level;
  • be a voice for youth participation, human rights, peace building, democracy strengthening and good governance at the neighbourhood, district, national and international level;
  • empower young people by providing opportunities to access new knowledge, skills and technologies;
  • Encourage young people to utilise their time for volunteer activities that will contribute to their personal development as well as make positive impacts in their communities and wider society.
  • Support networking opportunities between young people in Nepal and overseas.


Specific objectives of organisation mentioned in its statute are:

  • To work for social, economic, cultural awareness and the holistic development of the country.
  • To make conscious and activate people regarding right to development.
  • To involve youth in the enhancement and uplifting of women, children and marginalised group.
  • To initiate and support programmes promoting human rights and social justice.
  • To participate and send young volunteer leaders to remote areas of the country to contribute to rural development initiatives.
  • To develop the creativeness and intellect of young people.
  • To organise activities regarding population control and sustainable development.
  • To facilitate for meaningful youth participation in every sphere of society from community to national level.
  • To educate youth about fundamental of human rights, democracy and rule of law.
  • To aware youth about national and international policies and program related to youth.
  • To develop capable youth to contribute for society through volunteerism.