Education Support Program- Call for Collaboration

Nepal Living Standard Survey in 2010 stated that 42 percent of Dalits fall below the national poverty line which is substantially higher than the national average of 25.2 percent. Dalits are marginalized in terms of social, economic and education.

According to National Social Inclusion Survey, 2012, the literacy rate of Dalits in Nepal is 52.4 percent compared to the national average of 65.9 percent, while only 34.5 percent Madhesi Dalits are literate. Educational status of Mushahar community is very low compared to the national literacy rate. Musahar has lowest literacy rate 6.9 (male-9.8 and female-3.8). So, education support program is focused on Musahar, Chamar & Bantar community of Itahari, Sunsari.

The main cause of children not going school or drop out in the middle of academic year is not having literate & aware parents at home to guide them which lead them to poor performance in school. Poor performance in school forces them to leave education & go for labor work at the age of 11-13 before completing the basic education.

So, this project is come with the idea to place the teachers in community at morning/evening to guide the student to improve performance at school with stationery. And, also support them for their personality development through different extra-curricula & motivational activities. Also, having mother literacy program on these communities for women empowerment.

Current Program: Currently, project has organized the 6 teachers (4 for children & 2 for mother) in two village called Harizan Tole & Khirkhiriya tole in Itahari for 85 children & 16 mothers altogether.

Next Year plan: Project will expand to 6 different villages with 18 teachers for 270 children & 6 teachers for 90 mothers. This project will run for 3 years in 1st phase.

This project is running from the support of Mr. Katsuta Fumitaka for current two communities. We have a propose to the individual/organization for the sponsorship to run the project in proposed communities. Following is the bank detail for Education Support Program:

A/C name: Youth Development Center-Education Support Program

A/C number: 051300032041524


Bank Name: Bank of Kathmandu

Branch: Itahari Branch

Address of organization:

Youth Development Center

Itahari-8, Sunsari

Province 1, Nepal